Home bars are having a moment


Who knew that a spiral staircase made of plaster could become so ubiquitous? But now, it's time to move on to the next big thing in interior design - the round corner bar. Even though I'm a teetotaler, I can't help but admire the aesthetic appeal of a well-crafted bar. My parents had the most amazing bar in our living room, made of cherry wood and lined with velvet. It was stocked with beautiful crystal glasses, and opening it was like discovering a hidden treasure trove. I may not drink, but I can appreciate a stylish bar's elegance and sophistication. And I could fill it with tea and San Pellegrino lemonade, no? 

Who needs a therapist when you have a bar at home? I mean, not to get drunk or anything, but just for the aesthetic. I'd been eyeing Kirsten Dunst's and Jake Arnold's cozy bars, and when I stumbled upon a similar one in Shelby Kass on Domino this week, I couldn't help but hope it would become a trend. A cool bar at home is the ultimate adulting goal.