An easy formula for your summer travel wardrobe

1. Staud  2. Zara 3.Hunza G 4. Sweaty Betty 5. Dôen 6. Sezane 7. Tkees

This summer, my schedule is jam-packed, and I don't have the luxury of spending hours deciding what to wear each morning. I still want to rock a cute and stylish look without the hassle. The secret is to keep things simple yet on point so I can feel confident in whatever I choose to wear. 

What works for me is to come up with three outfit formula's each season. For instance, for a holiday, tailor these three to the activities you will be doing (swimwear doesn't count; that is a given!)

Don't forget to invest some time upfront, especially when preparing for a holiday. Planning in advance will allow you to fully enjoy your time in the sun without the added stress of figuring out what to wear. But be honest with yourself about what you are going to do. It's surprising how many packing videos showcase impractical outfits.

As I prepare for my summer in Italy, I have confidence in my go-to outfit formulas:

1. Skirts or shorts paired with a T-shirt.

2. A flowy dress.

3. linen pants with breezy tops. 

You then add shoes, accessories, bags, jewellery.

Keeping it to this fornula makes it so much easier when shopping, when buying, I don't look at anything else. 

You can mix-and-match pieces easily, they are interchangeable at leat in your one-outfit formula, making getting ready a breeze. 

For outfit formula one, shorts or a skirt and a tee, I have three options: 

1. a plain tee and bottom

2. a fancy skirt or shorts with a plain tee,

3. or the other way around. ( now, if you are a maximalist, go all out and have them both be loud)

So, this summer, I won't buy any blouses, linen or going out tops. 

Tshirts:  I highly recommend Leset for the best white and black tees, and Sezane's Conrad tee is the perfect blend of relaxed and fitted. I also find pointelle tees to be super cute, especially the ones by Leset, Doen, and Perfectwhitetee And for affordable options, check out Petit Bateau and Marks and Spencer. I always stock up on Marks and Spencer white tees because, with two dogs, a renovation and eating too much gelato and juicy fruit, they always get them dirty.

1. Baby tee by M&S 2. Pointelle by CouCou intimates 3.
 Leset The Margo, 4. The Conrad by Sezane 5. Pointelle by Perfectwhitetee 6. The boy fit by M&S 7. The Dôen Pointelle tee

For more colorful tees, I like vintage-looking graphic tees and Breton tops, and t-shirts in red, pink and pale blue. 

1. Dôen 2.Gap 3.Original Retro 4. J.Crew 5. Sundry 6. Claudie Pierlot

Outfit nr two for me is a breezy dress. 

Dôen, again, is a favourite. This gorgeous dress caught my eye, and this one by Mark and Spencer is the affordable version of it. I love the Pippa dress from Sezane you have them in every kind of colour. 

1. Sezane 2. Posse 3.Posse 4. Mark and Spencer 5. Madewell 6. Dôen

1. Solid and Striped 2. J. Crew  3.Dôen 4. Dragon Diffusion 5. Ciao Lucia 6. Dragon Diffusion

Bottoms: For Outfit formula number three, it all comes down to linen pants. Sometimes I wear them with a more structured tank like this one, or a long-sleeved top or a thin tee. My linen pants come from Reformation, Intimissimi, or Zara. For number one: Skirts and shorts: I love skirts from Farm Rio, Zara, and Sezane. When it comes to cute shorts, I usually find them at Dôen. I also purchase shorts from Intimissimi (especially when I'm in Italy) and Zara Home. I already have jeans and shorts, so I don't want to buy new ones. I would like to add some linen and cotton skirts instead.

1. La Ligne 2. Reformation 3. Reformation 4. Marks and Spencer 5. Zara 6. Dôen 5. Farm Rio

Now, it will be 30 degrees here, but for the chillier night, I'm choose coverups that go with all your outfit combinations. I buy the ones that can be worn with all of these, so I opt for a breezy white sweater, a cardigan, and I love this oversized, slightly sporty upgrade of the Breton sweater, and here are some alternative option

1.Reformation 2. La ligne 3. La ligne 4. Annie Bing 5. Jenni Kayne 6. Dôen

I don't need to wear heels, every girl/woman in the restaurants I go to wears sandals of fancy flats, so I prefer wearing sandals, or my  Vibi Venezia and Superga, or any cotton sneakers because they are the most comfortable for high temperatures and going to the beach. If you're looking for sneakers, and are fed up with the sambas, I recommend getting a great Nike Cortez in a nice colour.

That is it; add some nice bikinis or bathing suits, some cute bags and sunglasses, and you're  done.