monday vibes: awesome reads!

Best articles

-We have all been there: How to deal with blushing in public.

 -The story of Billy, the 12,900 pound virgin. If you love animals this article gives food for thought.

-How to care for your cast iron pan. Great precise instructions.

-Where to score the perfect pair of vintage denim

-The Collective quarterly visited 'The last best place'. The results: a great magazine and lots of gorgeous lust worthy objects. Check them out.

-An interview with the the fittest couple on earth ( they must be aliens, right?)

And I just published the Prologue of my own book HOLLYWOODDAZE online, read it here

My last post was selected in the IFB roundup, there are many great blogpost in the list, check them out below.


Real Style Essentials

What do you really need for good style? The answer could be, "More clothes." But we know better. It's about knowing what you wear. It's about finding your self, not your clothing self, but your real self. It's about taking care of yourself. It's about feeling good in your own skin. This week's roundup is about the real essentials you need to be stylish. Whether it be your skin, what's under that skin, or what you're wearing to cover it.

Links à la Mode: January 15th

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