How many clothing items does it take? The French formula

FRench girl dressing, French Capsule wardrobe, dress like a french girl

UPDATED for 2018!!!

You all have seen them, the French capsule wardrobe pins and posts. Most offer a striped top, some leather, a jacket, and voila, c'est fait. This month Glamour Paris had a more definitive list to finally find your  'intelligent wardrobe'. Of course, it includes more than just six pieces, because it may look minimal, but a girl needs her options.  This is what these Glamourettes proposed: 

PS You can also check out the breakdown post on the French Formula, the first on the five tops every French girl owns is here.

The French girl closet

FRench girl dressing, French Capsule wardrobe, dress like a french girl


Go for black, find you ideal shape of dress, but don't accumulate fluffy dresses, this means say no to an accumulation of sweater dresses and beach dresses.

My choices:

1. Short floral dress
2. White Shift dress
3. Ivory dress  
4. A Rock and Roll dress
5. Jersey Dress
6. Easy dress


A black one, preferably a smoking. A navy one. One off duty one. And a traditional one, tweed, herringbone etc.

My choices:

7. Belted black blazer
8. Oversized grey blazer
9. Navy Blue blazer
10. Denim jacket


A black one, a navy one, a grey one and one made of thicker wool.

11. Black sweater
12. Chunky sweater
13. Grey V-neck
14. Navy sweater

Six T-shirts

 Two white ones, find your favorite cut. Three in nice colors that suit you. And a striped one, of course.

15.White tee
16. Silk Top
17.Graphic Tee
18. Ruffle tee
19. Slub Cotton tee in pink
20. Black ribbed tee or ribbed tank top
21 Striped top

Seven blouses

Two masculine ones, white, blue stripe, grey. A denim shirt. Two fantasy blouses, lace, prints.  Two silk ones.

22. Striped blouse
23. White silk blouse
24. Denim shirt
25. Print blouse
26. Embellished blouse
27. Black silk blouse  

Five pair of pants

Two classic pair, a leather legging, two off duty type of pants such as chinos, cargos.

28 Black cropped pants
29. Black wide leg pants
30. White trousers
31 Leather leggings
32 Cigarette trousers

Four pair of jeans

A ripped or vintage pair, a dark one, a cool pair, and a white one.

33 Distressed Jeans
34. Black Jeans
35 White jeans
36. Straight leg cropped jeans

Six other warm tops

Three nice knits, two cardigans, and a sweatshirt

37. Sleeveless Turtleneck
38. Cableknit sweater
39. Sweatshirt
40. Black cardi
41. Beige Cardi
42. Cropped top

Four skirts:

As with the dresses, go for a fit that suits you, but don't buy too many shapeless ones.

43. Suede skirt
44. Grey skirt
45. Leather skirt
46. Black denim skirt

Get the essentials: